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About The Agency

L2 Agency was created by Leah Levine in 2000. The agency is based in LA and currently represents photographers in LA, NY, and SF. Corporate clients range from Apple to Microsoft with everything in between and editorial clients include Dwell, Travel & Leisure, Vanity Fair, Esquire, both the NY and LA Times and many more.

After graduating from Art Center in Pasadena with a BA in Photography, Leah Levine began her professional career as a Post Production Supervisor, Co-Producer and Studio Manager for fashion/celebrity photographer Matthew Rolston. After 8 years with Rolston, Leah left to work as a rep for Art Mix. It was there that she discovered her talents as a photographer’s rep and made the decision to form the L2 Agency.

Leah’s goal with L2 was to create a boutique agency with a personal touch that catered to emerging artists. Leah finds it tremendously rewarding to cultivate and nurture young talent. With her keen eye and professional savvy, she has overseen the career development of more than 30 photographers – always using a collaborative and hands-on approach to conduct her business. Leah travels to multiple cities each year to maintain her client relationships and promote her roster. She also does annual portfolio reviews at the Palm Springs Photo Festival and Photo Plus in New York and is a frequent guest lecturer at Art Center in Pasadena, the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and the International Center for Photography in New York City.

Aside from her work as a rep, Leah also offers production services through the agency, bidding services and consultation to clients and photographers on a project to project basis. Leah also holds private portfolio reviews either in person or remotely through

Leah Levine

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